"Jenn possesses, quite simply, one of the finest minds I’ve ever encountered. No matter how quickly you might think you are processing or ideating, Jenn is doing it more quickly and efficiently. She not only sees connections others miss–she makes those connections happen.

She seems to be able to do just about anything–from writing beautiful copy to designing strategy to analyzing data to training others."

—Nicole Rosenleaf-Ritter,  manager at Articulate

Jenn is easily one of the most insightful, detail-oriented, and dedicated people I’ve had the pleasure of working with.

Gina Terry, former co-worker

“Jenn has been an instrumental part of the growth and success of my company...As a writer, Jenn’s most valuable skill was her ability to synthesize large amounts of information down to the very essence of the story... Jenn was consistently able to write clear and compelling copy that made the subject easy to understand and easy to design.”

—Stacie Shaw, former manager, Pitch Deck Fire

“I had the honor of partnering with Jenn Smith on developing DEI content during our tenure in Articulate's Marketing department. Her leadership, curiosity, and respect for the subject left an enduring, favorable impression on me. The speed and quality of her research and writing are superb!”

—Kev Tafazzoli, Articulate

My own mother couldn’t tell the difference between Jenn’s writing and my own. WordSmith has been an invaluable and awesome return on investment since Farm to Fork Catering started working with her in 2016. With Jenn’s leadership, our newsletter has double the number of open and click rates which have led to cha-ching - we offered the same holiday party options, but our sales more than doubled after hiring her!”
—Sherry Hurley, Owner, Farm to Fork Catering

“It's rare you come across a standout talent like Jennifer Smith. She is truly an amazing writer, storyteller and a content strategist. Our business is geared towards a niche market in the technology sector. Jennifer is a great listener and an extremely quick learner. She was able to understand our complex products and services effortlessly and with little to no guidance. Her creative work and advice on printed marketing materials, website and email content, have generated positive results for our company. Her sharp intellect, positive attitude and professionalism would be a valuable asset to any team or organization.”

—Ash Shah, Founder, Test System Solutions

“Jenn’s intrepid spirit, curious mind and sharp intellect have made her an invaluable writer and editor for our blog. She is a great team member as well."

Karen Wunderlin, Founder, The Wunderlin Company

"Jenn has been incredible to work with. She has helped us navigate the logistics and emotional process of developing a new logo, written updated and catchy language for emails, website and printed materials, researched and referred design, SEO and printer partners and helped us increase sales. She is responsive, professional, grounded and adaptive.  I highly recommend working with her.”

—Rae Strobel-Barr, Barr Farms